XR Product

Whether you are looking for an interactive product assembly that you can share with clients remotely, a virtual training you can guide your prospective clients through, or a way to allow clients to interact with complex products remotely or in person , Xplorer is the leading tool for allowing you to create the XR Platform you need, quickly, easily, and with the level of immersion and interactivity you need delivered to any device and in any format (VR, AR, immersive 2D, and more).

Xplorer XR

With robust and intuitive features, Xplorer puts the power to create interactive XR presentations back into the hands of the subject matter experts - you. By allowing you to apply simple, drag-and-drop features to your own content, Xplorer enables you to build visually stunning, interactive, and highly engaging presentations for any platform, simply, quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal time-to-field.

XR Training

Xplorer was purpose-built to put the power to create interactive and engaging XR training lessons into the hands of the subject matter experts who can design that training the best - you. Quickly and easily build interactive lessons in a virtual 3D environment. Showcase important internal parts and interconnected systems without having to dismantle physical equipment. Allow learners to experience collaborative training from different platforms simultaneously and safely.