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Xplorer is tackling the unique challenges that come with trade show demonstrations. With Xplorer’s intuitive features, exhibitors no longer need to worry about transporting expensive, often cumbersome models to various trade show destinations. You can easily create and present your models in the comfort and safety of Xplorer’s Virtual Reality environment. The process is simple; just give us your digital model and we will convert it into an immersive virtual reality experience that you can take on the road and share with your prospective clients.
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At $7,800, The Xplorer Exhibitor Package Includes:

Ready in just two weeks!

Decrease Your Budget and Overspending

The Xplorer Exhibitor Package reduces costs by removing the need to ship expensive models across various locations, risking late arrivals or damage to your equipment. With Xplorer, your model is safe and easily transportable in a virtual reality environment.

Shorten Lead Time

With your models hosted on Xplorer’s servers, you will always be ready to attend the next show without worrying about arranging logistics for expensive, often cumbersome physical models. Your demonstration will be ready to go in Xplorer, thus reducing time spent on preparation and logistics.

Venue Booking and Management

You won’t always get the perfect space on the tradeshow floor. With Xplorer, you have the comfort of knowing that your models are supported and easily demonstrable in Virtual Reality. With the space saved from using Xplorer, you can focus on optimizing your booth for client engagement.

Increase Attendee Engagement & Retention

It can be difficult to create real-life engaging demonstrations on a trade-show floor. Xplorer solves that problem by creating an immersive experience where exhibitors can showcase their models, offering real-world lessons and demonstrations.

Engage & Manage Remote Attendees

Prospective clients may not always be able to make it to the trade show floor to see your demonstration. With Xplorer’s cross-platform multiplayer, you can connect with clients directly from anywhere in the world and demonstrate exactly what sets you apart from your competitors.


Can I do multiple tradeshows?

Yes! If you’re attending multiple tradeshows and would like to use your Xplorer Exhibitor Package to demonstrate your company at other events, then contact our sales team to inquire about multi-event bundles.

How many licenses do I get?

Enjoy an unlimited number of licenses for an unlimited number of attendees to access your presentation through your one-time link. Change access to the lesson at the end of the show, or allow special access post-event!

How long does my access last?

You have 10 days of unlimited access to your presentation from the beginning of the tradeshow you are attending.

What do I get for my show?

We’ll process your 3D models and create the lesson for your trade show exhibit. You’ll be able to manage the licenses, who has access to your lesson, and change access when you decide. You will also be able to view analytics of who viewed your lesson, and when their access expires!

How big can my model be?

The 3D models that we require you to provide for your lesson creation must be below 2 million polygons for us to develop your lesson in time.


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