Why Our Clients Are Choosing Xplorer

Xplorer was purpose-built to eliminate the barriers-to-entry for organizations who want to benefit from the creation and use of interactive XR content. By simplifying the development process, reducing the processing and deployment times, and introducing multiple hardware compatibility, we've significantly decreased the cost of investment and the time-to-field; increased the flexibility, scalability, and ROI; and effectively put the power to create visually appealing and highly engaging and interactive XR presentations back into the hands of the subject matter experts - our clients.
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Reusable, Adaptable, Scalable Content

No more spending huge amounts of time developing single-use content. Xplorer's XR content is easy to create, adapt, and share, which means each project can be rapidly scaled, modified, and reused between applications.
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Dramatically Reduced Cost & Time-To-Field

Rapid creation and deployment to users on any device and the ability to reuse and quickly revise content culminate in an 80% reduction in development and delivery time, which translates into significant cost savings.
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Multi-Device, Multiplayer Compatibility

Interact in a multiplayer experience from any location using any platform. Xplorer is the first software of its kind to allow an XR presentation to be lead from a PC while users interact using VR, PC, android, and iOS devices.
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Advanced Features

Simply click on the feature you want and drag-and-drop it to apply it to your model. It's the easy way to create visually stunning and fully interactive XR presentations!
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Expand Mode

Fully expand and collapse models on varying axes to display the internals of complex products during detailed training or product showcases.
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X-Ray View

Make external components transparent to show internal functions, connected systems, and internal components of complex products.
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Trigger animated state changes to show how object components interact, system functionality, and to allow users to interact with key product features.
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3D Labels

Attach labels to objects or object components, viewable in a 3D environment, to highlight key details, and identify components or features.
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Hit Points

Add interactive markers to objects or anchored in your 3D environment to provide information and trigger actions, animations, or state changes.
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Draw-On Tools

Use draw-on tools to interact with your 3D model during your presentation. Point to components, circle key details, and interact with questions in real-time.

Introducing Xplorer 2.0

Bold New Design, Exciting New Features, And The Capacity To Outperform
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Major Framework

Our shiny, new software framework significantly reduces file and processing sizes, allowing more states per presentation and higher functionality.
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Improved User Experience

Our new, intuitive design improves usability, enables more customization options, and paves the way for future customization enhancement.
Avatar Customization

Avatar Customization

With five different drone or human avatars and colour customization options, users can express themselves through their own Xplorer XR personas.
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Master State

Apply changes across your entire project from one state. Setting a theme, making quick changes, and building a uniform presentation has never been easier.  
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LOD Support

Xplorer now adjusts the level of detail of in-scene objects to create the best visual experience on any platform with a significant reduction to file size.
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Asset Pipeline Update

All asset processing now happens on-server through Asset Pipeline, so you can access digital assets without having to install them, reducing your file size.

Introducing Xplorer 1.2

Bold New Design, Exciting New Features, And The Capacity To Outperform
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In The Hands of True Experts
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